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Prevent injuries and get employees back on the job faster with specialized rehabilitation and wellness services from Balanced Fitness & Health. With extensive experience performing work conditioning for corporate and manufacturing clients, we focus on results. We take the time to discover your company’s specific needs in order to achieve the greatest impact. Learn more about how your company can improve job safety, optimize hiring procedures and reduce healthcare costs. 


Iowa Worker's Compensation Specialist

In 2019, Melissa White received certification as an Iowa Workers' Compensation Specialist. This certification enables her to develop stronger partnerships with companies that want to reduce recordables and also improve the management and communication about work comp claims. When you work with Balanced Fitness & Health on work comp rehabilitation, companies can expect to enhance their knowledge of the recovery process.

Functional Job Analysis

Accurate job descriptions ensure that employees are optimally matched with positions that suit both your company’s needs and their physical abilities. Job analysis is the basis for this matching and helps to promote injury prevention and quicker return to work. We can objectively quantify and comprehensively describe the physical and functional components of the job, including required tasks, forces, and postures to help develop and validate functional job descriptions.

Stretching & Wellness Programs

With a focus on preventing injury, we develop stretching programs to enable employees to perform their jobs safely and effectively. First, we complete an analysis of the physical job demands and their effects on the musculoskeletal system. Our programs include handouts, schedules and training for all supervisors and employees. We also offer monthly newsletters to send to employees with tips to keep them at their optimal health.

Pre Employment Screening

We create assessments to verify that new hires are physically capable of performing the essential job functions while teaching body mechanics and safe work habits. These tests can also be used for fit-for-duty and return-to-work physicals. Drug screening (non-DOT) also available.

Ergonomic Assessments

Prevent repetitive stress conditions by exploring whether your employees’ workstations provide optimal body mechanics. We perform on-site ergonomic consultations and training in preventive techniques to businesses of all sizes.

On-Site Injury Prevention

Our proactive review includes walk-throughs to flag any ergonomic issues and ask employees about minor aches and pains. We get to know the company and can create comprehensive solutions designed to reduce workplace injuries, facilitate appropriate return to work and promote ergonomics and health and safety initiatives.

First Aid - Triage

When a potential injury is noted, we partner with companies and come onsite for a face-to-face consultation with the employee. We will perform a triage to determine the best care for the employee. We will then train the employee on proper first aid techniques for their strain or sprain to help them recover, potentially avoiding visits to the doctor and OSHA recordable incidents

Workers' Comp Rehab

Employees injured on the job need prompt, thorough rehabilitation services. We assist the worker in coping with the effects of the injury both physically and emotionally, with the goal of overall health and accountability.

Adding to our work comp expertise, Melissa White is also certified as an Iowa Workers' Compensation Specialist.

Work Conditioning

By building strength and body awareness, our intensive work conditioning helps workers rebuild strength and develop safe practices to return to work.

Functional Capacity Evaluation

Employing appropriate medical standards, we thoroughly assess injured employees and their physical status to provide the information needed to determine safe return to work.

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