Do you have Tech Neck?


With the pandemic that began in 2020, many found their workspace being uprooted from their office and moved to their home. Working from home can have many benefits, but it also creates a new set of challenges. Most employees don’t have access to the best ergonomic setup in their homes, which can result in many aches and pains. The most common complaint is neck pain caused by poor posture from looking at the computer screen for many hours of the day.  After work, employees move on from their computer screen to their phone screen, which creates an even worse position for the head causing more neck pain. This pain is called “Tech Neck”.

The body is not meant to stay in one position for long periods of time. Without the ability to get up from the workspace to get something from the copier or go talk to a coworker on the other side of the office, the hours sitting in a chair begin to skyrocket.

So, how do those who work from home prevent or reduce the effects of Tech Neck? Luckily, there are some easy solutions.

  1. 30/30 Rule: As stated before, the body does not like being stuck in one position for long periods of time, regardless of if this is sitting or standing. The 30/30 rule is a good place to start. This means every 30 minutes do 30 seconds of something different. For example, if you have been sitting, get up and do some stretches, walk to the bathroom or to refill your water bottle, etc. Get up and get your body moving!

  2. Posture Checks: Having an ergonomic desk set up is also extremely important in the prevention and reduction of Tech Neck. Find a chair in your house that has good lumbar support. If you can’t, put a pillow or two behind your low back to provide support. Supporting your low back takes some of the strain out of your back to hold you up in good posture. Now, imagine a string going through the top of your head all the way down your entire back pulling you up nice and tall; this is optimal posture when at your workspace. As you get tired, you will want to do posture checks to get yourself reset and back into that optimal posture.

  3. Stretch: Tight muscles are the ultimate culprit of Tech Neck. The 30/30 rule and having an ergonomic desk set up will help, but in order to get rid of that pain in your neck, you have to stretch those muscles. Check out our Facebook post to see a few stretches to help with your Tech Neck pain. 

You can also review, share and save this Facebook post on how to reduce trigger points with a simple tennis ball. 

With these recommendations, you should be able to work through your Tech Neck pain. If you need help or have any questions, feel free to reach out to us at 319-693-7745.