Faster, More Personalized Results for Work Comp Rehab


After I injured my shoulder at work, my employer sent me to Balanced Fitness & Health for rehab. They’re our company’s pre employment screening firm and are good at rehab, too. Each time I went to Balanced Fitness & Health, I left feeling a little bit better. They cared enough to get my shoulder in working order and me back to work.

My physical therapist, Caley, was very easy to work with. She actually cared about getting me back to work and healthy. She spent a full hour with me each time. I told her to push me, and she took me to the point where I knew my shoulder would go and found out where it wouldn’t go. She showed me exercises to do at home. She also recommended a pain relief patch, which has been awesome.

I used to not want to go to the doc or PT. I’d been to physical therapy before for my knee, but the place I went made it worse. I was lucky if I got 40 minutes with the therapist. I felt like I was approved for a certain amount and all they cared about was keeping me coming back.

But Balanced Fitness & Health is completely different. They are more professional and really nice when you walk in the door. They took an interest in me and I trust them because they actually want to get you back to your life.

Getting my shoulder treated at Balanced Fitness & Health really made me change my mind about physical therapy. It was an awesome experience, and I’m happy I went to them. I would recommend them because they got me back to doing my work in 3 ½ weeks!

-Kevin Phillips

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