First Aid - Triage

When a potential injury is noted, we partner with companies and come to your location or have the employee come to the clinic for a face-to-face consultation with our therapist. We then perform an assessment/triage to determine the best care for the employee. We follow triage by training the employee on proper first aid techniques for their strain or sprain to help them recover, potentially avoiding visits to the doctor and OSHA recordable incidents. 

Services Under First Aid

  • General soft tissue massage

  • Soft braces and sports tape

  • Instruct on the use of non-prescription medication

  • Educate on the use of heat or ice

  • Job coaching

  • Emphasis on general movements they should do or avoid doing

Our First Aid Metrics

89% required no further medical intervention after First Aid.

Case Study: Company with 124 employees

First Aid Metrics in 1 year

  • 18 First Aid incidents

  • Average of 1.3 visits each

  • Having First Aid prior to Doctor's visit saved an average of 11 visits for those who sought additional treatment.

Estimated Direct Medical Costs Saved=


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