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Lifestyle Changes Provide Rewarding Results

When my life turned a corner, I was determined to become health preventive person instead of reactive. I set up an appointment with Melissa to help reduce body fat and a few pounds. I wasn’t looking for a diet fad, but a lifestyle change.

In a little over a month, I had lost 2% body fat and dropped several pounds. I was simply amazed at what I learned about my body and healthy eating. I was eating more calories in healthy food and losing weight and body fat!

I then asked Melissa to help me with an annoying sciatic nerve and lower left hip/back issue. She assessed that I had quite a bit of muscle imbalance, and a muscle was so tight that it was irritating the nerve. Six sessions later, she had me feeling better than I had in over a year.

Now I feel great and want to let anyone out there that needs to get things right with their nutrition, weight or physical issues, that I recommend Melissa with full confidence that she will get you on the right path. I can’t thank her enough for helping me turn my life around.

-Mike T.

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