• Melissa White

Stronger, Healthier after Rotator Cuff Therapy

I am happy to have experienced successful recovery from a rotator cuff repair, and I owe it all to Balanced Fitness & Health.

Walking into the clinic, you get a feeling everyone takes pride in their work. Melissa lets you know she cares about you, the individual, and your recovery. She has an instinct to push harder or take it easy, depending on your pain level for the day.

Melissa gives you the tools to continue outside of the clinic so you can succeed if you use those tools. I came to her with a torn rotator cuff, weighing 204 pounds. After three months, I came out wanting to go to work, feeling stronger and ready to take on the world. I am now 180 pounds and feel great!

The work we did together inspired me to eat healthier, work out more and feel ultimately better than I have in years.

I will continue to recommend Balanced Fitness & Health to friends, family and strangers.

-Mark H.

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