• Melissa White, OTR/L, CES, FNS

Why Injury Prevention Should be Priority #1

Many companies offer wellness programs with the goal of helping maintain employee health in the hopes of lower healthcare costs. But, what actually costs companies significant dollars?

Answer: On-the-job injuries.

According to OSHA and the Agency for Healthcare Policy and Research:

  • Workers’ Compensation costs for repetitive strain injuries cost $20 billion/year. (OSHA)

  • The U.S. spends an additional $100 billion/year on lost productivity/work time, employee turnover and other indirect expenses. (AHPR)

  • Ergonomic disorders account for 56% of reported work illnesses. (OSHA)

For these reasons, at Balanced Fitness & Health, we believe that preventing injuries should be viewed as the first step in creating a comprehensive wellness program.

The vast majority of work injuries are the result of cumulative trauma. This means the injury begins as a fatigued joint and/or muscle. With repetition, it becomes a work injury. From working on a computer to driving to working heavy construction, we are all at risk of an injury.

Take a moment to consider the injury risk factors within your company.

  • Is there one department within the company that has higher injury rates or greater potential for injury?

  • How can we reduce injury risks throughout the company?

The good news is that our physical and occupational therapists know effective ways to reduce workplace injuries. We want to identify the early signs of musculoskeletal discomfort and prevent them from developing into workplace injuries. By preventing these early symptoms through ergonomic assessments and stretching programs, we can significantly reduce healthcare costs and improve productivity.

Rather than reacting to—and paying the price for—injuries, let’s take preventive action. Together, we can develop injury prevention programs that will save money, improve productivity, enhance safety and engage employees. And then, you can work on a supportive wellness program that boosts morale and personal health.

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Melissa White is a certified Occupational Therapist, Corrective Exercise Specialist and Fitness Nutrition Specialist who worked in the local healthcare system for a decade prior to starting Balanced Fitness & Health. Having personally struggled to recover from a car accident, her goal is to give people the tools to live healthy, pain-free lives. To that end, she provides corporate ergonomics and injury prevention programs, results-focused rehabilitation services and personal wellness and nutrition plans.

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