• Melissa White, OTR/L, CES, FNS

Be Pain-Free at Your Desk

Are you experiencing pain at your desk?

Are you having headaches every day?

Does your lower back ache after sitting too long?

Do you know how to adjust your chair to fit you properly?

Do you get pain at the base of your neck that nags you at home after work?

Do you know the proper height for your computer screen?

Did you get a standup desk and now are having more hip, knee or foot pain?

If you answered yes to one or more of these questions, it’s time to be proactive to prevent pain. Pain is not normal—it’s your body telling you something is not right.

There could be any number of reasons for having pain at your desk, and we can help identify them. If you’ve never had an ergonomic evaluation of your desk setup, it is time! Yes, even for those of you at a standup desk. If you had one long ago—and you are now experiencing pain—you are due for a re-evaluation.

An ergonomic evaluation is a brief, one-time visit in which we will set you up for success at your desk. The one-on-one visit with a certified occupational or physical therapist will get you on track to be pain-free.

  • We’ll show you how to adjust your chair, computer screen, mouse and keyboard.

  • We’ll see how you sit or stand at work and let you know simple, affordable solutions to ensuring your desk setup won’t cause you pain or headaches.

  • In addition, we will provide at work stretches you can do to keep your body moving.

This fall, we’re offering ergonomic evaluations for an affordable flat rate, making it accessible to solo entrepreneurs as well as employees in corporate settings. Contact us to learn more about this affordable step to preventing pain!

Please share with a co-worker or loved one. We are here to help!

Take a Stretch Break

Give your shoulders a quick stretch in a doorway. This stretches the muscles on the front of the shoulders, which can get shortened and tight from sitting at a desk.

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