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Active Woman Back on Track After Unlocking Shoulder

Following years of swimming and being very active, Muffy thought surgery was unavoidable for her frozen shoulder. Melissa White at Balanced Fitness & Health was able to unfreeze the shoulder and keep Muffy on track through persistent, knowledgeable occupational therapy for pain relief and injury rehab.

I’m a swimmer and work out, but after I wiped out on our patio one day, my shoulder was in a terrible state of being frozen. I saw the doctor, but he said I’d have a 20 percent chance of recovery without surgery. So when I saw Melissa White at Balanced Fitness & Health at my neighbor’s recommendation, I was not hopeful therapy would work.

However, Melissa is highly skilled at manipulating the shoulder manually! Her strength, persistence and knowledge of the shoulder and neck did the trick. She actually showed me the exercises and gave me the exercise bands I needed to work and stretch the muscles in between visits. When I have flare-ups due to lifting too much, she’s able to get it back where it should be.

Going to see her was way more personalized, too. Melissa is a lovely person and an amazing therapist. She was always waiting for me when I came in the door, and the staff couldn’t be more gracious and welcoming. Their wellness facility is new, bright and clean, too—a completely different experience compared to other clinics.

Chiropractors and surgeons have recognized how good Melissa is. I highly recommend Balanced Fitness & Health. I would not have been able to unfreeze my shoulder without them.

-Muffy M.

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