Functional Job Analysis &

Post-Offer Screens

Accurate job descriptions ensure that employees are optimally matched with positions that suit both your company’s needs and their physical abilities. Job analysis is the basis for this matching, which helps promote injury prevention and quicker return to work. We can objectively quantify and comprehensively describe the physical and functional components of the job, including required tasks, forces and postures to help develop and validate functional job descriptions.

Functional Job Analysis

  • A functional job analysis is a way to objectively describe the essential physical duties of each job. This is the basis for creating accurate job descriptions, stretching programs and post-offer screens. This analysis helps to ensure jobs match the physical abilities of each worker. 

Job Descriptions

  • Writing accurate, objective job descriptions allows for a better match of employees to job duties. They can also assist in quicker return to work and in creating light duty options. 

Post-Offer Screens 

  • Following a functional job analysis, we create job-specific tests that accurately represent the physical duties of each position. This allows each candidate to demonstrate if they can safely and correctly complete all tasks that may be asked of them. During the test, job coaching can determine if there are any reasonable accommodations that can be made to help them succeed. These tests can also be used for fit-for-duty and return-to-work physicals.

  • Drug screening (non-DOT) also available.


"We were struggling with a number of injuries and with hiring the right people for the intense physical work we perform every day. Melissa created an on-site testing protocol so we get the right people in the right positions. This has been crucial to ensuring new employees are fit for the job."

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