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Inspired to Reach Her Goals

I started working with Melissa because I was at a complete standstill for 6 months after years on Weight Watchers. I wanted to lose weight, strengthen my bad back and maybe even become a little healthier in the process. I didn’t expect to have so much energy or feel the daily “need” for exercise.

I thought everyone felt tired and run down in the afternoon—I was so wrong! By day 3 of Melissa’s eating plan, I had so much energy that afternoon that I was literally exercising at my desk because I couldn’t leave the office to run around the block! My old diets counted only calories and fat and didn’t listen to what my body was telling me I needed.

Melissa called it for me in the first hour of meeting her. My biggest problem was going to be that I didn’t eat enough. Melissa showed me how to “invest” in my body with healthy food that actually gave me more energy and surprisingly tasted great.

I have dropped from size 16 to size 10. I have said “goodbye” to plus size fashion! Melissa understands that “real life” is happening while you are trying to get your meals planned and workouts squeezed into your day.

Eating MORE food and spending MORE time exercising has made me VALUE my body instead of looking in the mirror and hating it.

If you can muster the courage to try to live a healthy lifestyle, Melissa can get you there.


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