• Melissa White

Improving Life After Hip Surgery

After hip replacement surgery, I was still weak and in pain after completing therapy. I was at a loss! If the physical therapists couldn’t help me, I didn’t know how I would return to my pre-surgery condition.

I met Melissa while she was performing ergonomics training at ImOn Communications. She took me on as a client and helped me regain my strength. We worked to restore my body’s muscular and structural issues after months of compensating for the pain in my hip.

She taught me how to listen to and respect my body, which included knowing when to take breaks and stretch. She analyzed other issues as they arose and solved them, improving all areas of my life.

I don’t know how anyone can have a major surgery without finding someone like Melissa! Her skills as a therapist and wellness coach brought me out of pain, returned my physical strength and enhanced my life. I couldn’t be more grateful!

-Patrice C.

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