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Response to Midwest Construction Workers' Opioid Overdoses

Here’s how it starts: Someone gets injured on the job. They go to the doctor’s office and receive an opioid prescription to help with the pain (e.g. oxycodone, hydrocodone, codeine, etc.). These highly addictive pills soon take over, and life starts to spiral out of control. Some workers end up in the ER and some end up with an even worse outcome, which you may have read in the news.

These tragic incidents where opioids are involved frequently happen to those in the construction industry—a population we work with every week at Balanced Fitness & Health. In case you didn’t know, in Iowa alone, 32 Iowa construction workers died of opioid overdoses in 2015. Families, employers and communities suffer these horrible, unnecessary losses.

We want people and companies to be aware that there are other options available to avoid injuries and treat chronic pain. We can help.

How to Prevent & Relieve Pain

It is time to forge ahead with alternative pain relief strategies that have been shown to work without the serious side effects. Balanced Fitness & Health is a wellness clinic that offers not only physical and occupational rehabilitation to help reduce pain, but we also take a holistic approach to your care. We work with you to develop a realistic plan that works for you to reduce pain and get back to doing the things that you enjoy doing the most.

As part of our holistic approach, we also partner with companies to provide preventive services that avoid injury and pain before it happens. In construction, setting employees up for success with proper education and a consistent, quality pre-shift stretching program can be the difference between chronic pain mixed with opioid use or getting back to work and enjoying life at home. Ergonomics assessments also help prevent injuries, which saves companies money on workers’ comp claims. The bottom line is that these strategies save even more money by avoiding lost work time due to the cycle of worker pain and addiction.

You don’t have to settle for a prescription of pills that may take over your life. Your company doesn’t have to settle for the vicious and dangerous cycle of pain and prescriptions, either. Look to Balanced Fitness & Health for solutions. Contact us to learn what we have to offer. You can get back on the road to becoming pain free, and we can help!

The CDC has been tracking the opioid crisis for years, and it is getting worse. Over 200,000 have died from overdoses since 2000. Learn more about what is happening in the U.S. and what you and your doctor should know about safely prescribing opioids.

National Opioid Helpline

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