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Healing Hands Can Help Anyone with an Injury

This county employee's story is an excellent example of how Balanced Fitness & Health helps employees recover from injuries they experienced at work.

After tearing my bicep at work and having surgery to repair it, my left arm was really messed up. My employer assigned me to Balanced Fitness & Health, but it was hard for me to drive anywhere because of my arm. I met Melissa, the owner, and Caley, my physical therapist, on my first visit. Melissa was like a ray of sunshine, great to talk to, and I couldn’t believe it—she offered to have Caley do home visits for my physical therapy!

When we started, I had really bad pain and headaches every day. Caley is amazing! She knows how to explain what she has to do and hits the pressure points. She’s extremely knowledgeable, demonstrating all the exercises I need to do every day to get better and telling me when to ice and when to apply heat. Caley is warm, personal and passionate about what she does. She asks how it feels so she can respond to my muscles on any given day. Plus, she is always positive and professional.

I would recommend Balanced Fitness & Health to anyone! After shoulder surgery years ago, I never got this kind of service from a physical therapy place. If someone needs a place to get healed from an injury, they have the healing hands—the magic touch! It’s a blessing to know Caley and Balanced Fitness & Health. They are amazing!

-Kim Humbles, Linn County Employee

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