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On-Site First Aid Triage Services for Industrial and Corporate Partners

Did you know that Balanced Fitness & Health offers First Aid Triage for any musculoskeletal injury on the job site? When a potential injury is either reported or noted by a manager or safety director, we are available to come onsite, or the employee can come to our clinic for a face-to-face consultation.

During our First Aid visit, we take the employee through a series of tests to triage the situation and determine what or if any treatment is needed. We will train the employee on proper first aid techniques for their strain or sprain to help them recover, potentially avoiding visits to the doctor and recordable incidents. Some of the services we provide during a First Aid visit include:

  • Applying bandages and kinesiotape to the affected areas

  • Instructing the employee on the use of non-prescription medication

  • Providing general soft tissue massage

  • Educating the employee on the use of heat or ice

  • Following up to emphasize general movement they should do or avoid.

The First Aid visit allows for observation and evaluation of the individual in the work setting, where we can make ergonomic suggestions to help alleviate the pain and stop it from recurring.

When we partner with a company, we are available to come onsite within 24 hours to meet with the employee and offer this consultation. We then provide documentation of the encounter. First Aid is not an OSHA recordable incident, so by implementing this service, we have helped decrease the amount of recordables for various companies while increasing employee satisfaction. For examples, see our Testimonials page.

Balanced Fitness & Health shares your concerns about preventing injuries. Let’s chat about how we can help your company! Contact us now.

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