The Benefits of a Partner in Injury Prevention


When I came to Worley Warehousing as Safety Lead, my goal was to find a company who could be a partner in caring for our employees proactively. Many of our employees drive forklifts and do a lot of physical work, but we also have office staff, making our needs diverse.

From our first meeting, I knew Balanced Fitness & Health would be a good fit because Melissa and Caley wanted to be involved in our company. They wanted to see what we do as a company and know what our 125 employees do, from the office to the warehouse. Both are down to earth and easy to talk to because they speak in terms everyone understands. They fit in well and have become an accepted part of our company culture as a result. Employees are willing to reach out to them about their discomforts, and this open communication helps them avoid further injury.

Balanced Fitness & Health has been creative in adding resources to help our employees, from First Aid Triage to our monthly newsletter and on-site stretching program. First Aid Triage has been a success from the first day it started when they came on-site to assist one employee. They not only taught this employee how to stretch and relieve the muscle and joint issues he was having at the time, but they also talked to him about exercise, water intake, smoking and other proactive health strategies. It has changed that employee’s life.

They now come on routine visits to address posture and ergonomics to avoid additional musculoskeletal issues. The stretching program they implemented has been customized for our employees’ unique needs. Having Balanced Fitness & Health monitor employee activity enhances employee productivity and reduces the risk of more serious injuries.

We consider Balanced Fitness & Health part of our team, and I’d recommend their services to anyone looking to add a partner in preventing injuries and improving wellness.

Jason Ballard, Worley Warehousing